Tricks of the Trade

Mining is part science and part luck

The Science Behind The Ecosystem

Mining Rate

The amount of gold miners will mine is based on their level. All miners start at level 1 and mine exactly 0.4 Gold per day, with a linear increase of 0.1 gold per level. Upgrade your miner to make it mine more Gold! Gold is claimable at any time, with no lock periods or minimums. When you level up your miner, any unclaimed Gold will increase to match the higher mining rate.

Miner Level Cost

Banking your Gold token generates Credits, currently, 3 Credits for every Gold banked per day. Spend enough Credits on your miner and you can increase his level. Credits are claimable at any time, with no lock periods or minimums. Withdrawing your Gold will incur a banking tax of 5%. The Credits cost to level up increases by a square factor per level, credits = 25*level^2.

Tarpit Time

Tarpit time is how long you must wait after leveling your miner before you can level it again. If you stop your miner from mining, the tarpit time and Credits loaded for your current level will reset back to 0. The tarpit time starts at 1 hour and increases linearly by 1 hour for every level, time = level*1 hour.

Skip Tarpit Cost

You can skip the tarpit time by burning some gold. The fee starts at 1 gold and increases linearly by 1 with every subsequent level. You can only skip tarpit time once per day per miner. Gold cost = 1*level.

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