Upgrade your MinerJoe

Upgrade Your MinerJoe NFT's With CREDITS

Finite, and deflationary. 🔥 The initial utility & banking reward token of Miners. ALL 5,000 Miners can be upgraded using Credits to mine faster.
Used Credits are immediately and permanently burned. 🔥 Credits are earned by banking Gold on MinerJoe.com Gold will eventually be locked in pairs (initially GOLD/AVAX) as Liquidity Provision (LP) on AMMs (i.e. TraderJoe) Credits will continue to be earned by banking received Gold-LP tokens here at MinerJoe.com - but at a higher adjusted rate to single-sided staking.
There will be enough Credits for ALL Miners to hypothetically be grown to level 45. But be warned - earning enough $credits to upgrade your Miner before all the Credits are issued is a game itself!
The Credits supply and tokenomics are based on modelled projections of token emissions and are in no way guaranteed. We have made numerous assumptions about the long term behavior of staked tokens based on the game theory and mechanics of MinerJoe.
Tokenomics Token name: MinerJoe Credits (CREDITS) Contract address: 0xbDca906C6FacFecfff4a20819c381c3BAdaE6D05
Max Supply: 12 billion $CREDITS Note: we assign no value to the Credits token. It holds no economic value, and its only intended purpose is for interacting within the MinerJoe ecosystem. Therefore, the team will not add liquidity to the Credits/AVAX pool.