NFTs that mine Gold. Upgradable NFTs!

Mine, Bank, Upgrade, Repeat.

Our 10,000 algorithmically generated, unique Miners are no ordinary NFTs. MinerJoe is a complete ecosystem, inclusive of Tri-Token architecture, structured entirely around our limited supply of NFTs. This awesome architecture is designed to create a perpetual value loop for our Miners.

It's a game that anyone can play!

How to Mine

  • Buy a Miner, mine some Gold

  • Bank your Gold, earn some Credits

  • Upgrade your Miner with Credits

  • Upgraded Miners mine more Gold, repeat

The rate at which Miners mine Gold is dependent on a key metric expressed as ‘level’ which is immutably stored in the NFT’s metadata. All Miner NFTs start with a baseline ‘level’ value to set a clear floor price for the collection. The scalability, low fee structure, and speed of blockchain means we can make this on-chain value upgradable. Miner owners can increase the ‘level’ of their NFT with the Credits token. Depositing Credits increases the level of Miner NFTs, which increases their Gold mining rate, thus measurably increasing their intrinsic value. Furthermore, the increased level attribute itself becomes rarer relative to the rest of the Miner NFTs, compounding the growth of the NFT's value.

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