Miner NFTs

NFTs With Upgradable Metadata

Miner NFTs With Upgradable Metadata

10,000 Miners are headed to California after news of gold found! Miners come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing is for sure - ALL Miners mine Gold.

Not only are Miners highly desirable, collectible NFTs, but they also mine Gold. In short, when you stake your claim at MinerJoe.com they start mining. The rate at which they mine Gold depends on their mining power, measured by level. Over time, Miners owners can increase their mining power with Credits. This not only increases the mining rate of your Miner, but their desirability too, as it permanently upgrades their on-chain metadata.

To put it simply - Miner NFTs are the only way to create new Gold - the fuel for the JoesTown ecosystem.

All Miner NFT's mine 0.4 Gold per day at level 1.

Mint Price: 1 AVAX per Miner

How to buy: Visit our Marketplace for secondary sales. 1. Connect your Metamask. 2. Connect to Avalanche C-chain. 3. Bridge or transfer some AVAX to this Metamask. 4. Mint or purchase a Miner from our secondary Marketplace.

Base URI: https://minerjoe.com/marketplace.html

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